Sale of Computer Equipment

Present buyers of computer equipment have very high demands. Availability of computers on the market is high as well, and the buyers are often tempted into purchasing low price and poor quality equipment. Sales persons are often not aware, what they have sold them. At application only can the buyer find out that the equipment does not fulfil his expectations.

Our principles include professionalism and quality services. We discuss with the customers their needs and wishes before they make any purchase so that they may get what they really need. We do not keep low price equipment as it is often most problematic for the buyer as well as seller. We focus on quality and reliable equipment that will function well.

Equipment in our sales programme includes:

  • personal and portable computers,
  • Epson, HP, Canon, Fujitsu and Star printers,
  • digital cameras, scanners, plotters, and other equipment,
  • mice, modems, network cards, USB interfaces, and other auxiliaries,
  • ribbons, inks, toners, and other utility goods for printers,
  • fax machines, and Canon copiers..

Software in our sales programme includes:

  • licensed software packages for word, image and data processing
  • ACAD planning and construction software
  • different application software

In addition to the above, you can get diverse other computer equipment in our company, which is too comprehensive to enumerate in this place. The availability of equipment is adapted to customer needs and requirements.

PCs, printers and other equipment can be delivered to the customers, connected to the network and the customers are instructed in their application. Our obligations to the customers do not end by the delivery of equipment. We assist them always when they face any problems. In case of defects, which are rare, we provide them reliable and prompt servicing, possible also on-site.

Do pay us a visit and we will provide you with counselling on the optimum equipment.

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Sale of computer equipment