Industrial Electronics Repairs

Nowadays, production processes as well as other activities (trade, tourism, administration, banking, sports activities even) cannot do without computers or the electronically or computer controlled machines and equipment. Defects on such equipment normally require rather costly repairs and the even more drastic financial losses owing to a standstill in production. Reliable, quality and rapid servicing is imperative in such cases.

From the very beginning, our company has been actively servicing the electronic and computer equipment in production companies, laboratories, trade workshops, craft and other types of activities. It is not important, what in fact manufacture the machines that we are servicing. It can be liquefied steel, wood, car filters, chocolate or loads of numbers.

We will assist you, whenever your machine suddenly stops, be it a production line, a CNC planning or milling machine, a grinding machine, traction machine, cutting machine, erosion machine, sawing machine, vacuum packaging machine, plastics moulding machine, crushing machine or a mixer, knitting machine, manipulator, forklift, tyre centering apparatuses, CO measurement, motor velocity controller (frequency inverter), temperature regulation and measurement in vacuum, smelting or plasma furnaces, programmable controllers (PLCs), electron modules, inverters, laboratory instruments, dilatometers, electron microscopes, pH-meters, spectrometers, potentiostats, resonant pulsating machines,

quantometres, test chambers, process controls, personal and process computers for data processing, displays in sports activities, and other electronically or computer controlled devices.

By the longstanding experience in servicing electronic and computer equipment and using reliable instruments, we will resolve your problems promptly and professionally and save you from losses in production as you will not need to wait for other servicing staff for days or weeks. We will be able to jointly resolve any technological problems.

Do contact us! We will gladly inspect problem areas in production and eliminate problems. We are sure that you will be as satisfied with our services as are our longstanding customers.

Servis industrijske elektronike

Industrial electronics repairs