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Who are we?
We are a small private company established in 1990 and employing two electronics technicians, an electronics engineer and an accountant. Assistance is provided by the company co-owner and some external professionals. We are a young and dynamic team.

What do we do?

Servicing and sales of computer equipment;
Repairing industrial and laboratory equipment and process computers.

How can we be of service to you?
When your personal or portable computer, a monitor, printer or any other   computer equipment doesn’t obey to you;
When you wish to purchase a reliable computer equipment;
When you need a rapid and quality servicing of the electronic equipment   and instruments;
When you wish to automate operations and solve technological   problems.

3BM team

What makes us better from the others?
We are one of the few computer companies which not only sell computers but also repair them.
We focus more on repairing the computer equipment and customer services than on sale itself.
Customers get full-scale counselling at purchasing.
We are able to resolve all problems encountered by customers.
Company future is based on customer satisfaction and trust , instead of quick profits.

Where do you find us?
We work and live in Slovenia, a small country on the sunny side of Alps, which is now a member of European Community. Our town is Jesenice, located near the border with Italy and Austria. Towns Villach in Austria and Tarvisio in Italy are just 40 km from here. Our address is Cesta zelezarjev 7a, Jesenice. We are based between the PETROL gas station and rondo. Description, how you can reach Jesenice from towns in Austria, Italy and Slovenia and how to find 3BM Jesenice, you can get in the PDF file .

Do pay us a visit!

3BM elektronika in mikroracunalniki d.o.o. Jesenice
3BM Electronics and Microcomputers Ltd. Jesenice
Cesta zelezarjev 7a
SI - 4270 Jesenice
Slovenia, a member of European Community

Phone: (+386-4) 58-36-444 and (+386-4) 58-61-444, Fax: (+386-4) 58-36-440, Cell Phone : (+386-41) 638-066

Open hours: Monday-Friday 7:30 - 15:00, Wednesdays by 17:30 or afternoons by agreement


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