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It is true that we are not the biggest computer company in the vincinity. and it is also true that we serve our customers better and solve their problems more rapidly.

Latest news

Motherboard repair at 3BM Jesenice

A few months ago we decided to repair PC motherboards. The decision was based on customer needs. Motherboards get damaged because of the poor quality components (electrolytic condensers), which may happen even to the recognised manufacturers. A defective motherboard as such is not a great problem, but some motherboards are no longer available because of […]

Repairing a frequency converter of the Alples Železniki Company

3BM have been co-operating with one of the largest Slovenian furniture manufacturers, Alples Company, since 1997. There, we repair various wood-processing machines: CNC facing machines, cutting machines, treenail machines, loaders, unloaders. We remedy problems in the computer-controlled forklifts, and other equipment. There are many well-qualified electronics technicians in the Alples Company, repairing many defects by […]

Long-term co-operation between LIP Bled and 3BM Jesenice

Most our customers in the field of personal computers are small companies, entrepreneurs, natural persons and some big companies as for instance LIP Bled. We started co-operation with LIP Bled in 1992. Our co-operation has become more intensive since 1995. 3BM are one of their computer equipment suppliers, as well as servicing printers, screens, faxes, […]