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It is true that we are not the biggest computer company in the vincinity. and it is also true that we serve our customers better and solve their problems more rapidly.

Latest news

Successful cooperation with ETA Cerkno Company in repairing their electronic boards

3BM have been co-operating successfully for a number of years with one of the world’s biggest producers of warming kitchen-range plates, the ETA Cerkno Company, servicing diverse electronic components: CNC facing machines, milling cutters, robots, process computers and different controllers. Though ETA Cerkno has an excellent electrical and electronics maintenance team, their production includes many […]

Repairs of more and more notebooks all over Slovenia

Notebook repairs are much more demanding than desktop PC repairs. Notebooks consist of two main parts, the motherboard and the display, which cannot be exchanged between models even of the same producer. The prices of these parts are so high that their exchange is hardly cheaper than the price of a new high capacity notebook. […]