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It is true that we are not the biggest computer company in the vincinity. and it is also true that we serve our customers better and solve their problems more rapidly.

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Repair of computer controlling the electron microscope at Acroni Company of Jesenice

The Acroni Company has several well qualified maintenance teams in the different spheres of expertise of operational and process information technology. They remedy most defects on equipment in production, laboratories and other departments. External servicing teams are called in only, when an extremely complicated problem turns up. In analysing materials, the Acroni Company uses the […]

Repair of industrial computer at the Agency for Telecommunications

The Agency for Telecommunications of the Republic of Slovenia is using industrial computers to control instruments. Although industrial computers are designed so as to be proof against failure, they do break down from time to time. Industrial computers can be discerned from personal computers at first glance. They are built in a casing that fits […]

3BM passes the expertise on to other servicing and maintenance staff

3BM Company appreciates highly the importance of expertise and experience in the servicing and maintenance of electronic and computer equipment in industry. A mistake made in exchanging parts or at testing may lead to serious damage. In order to minimise such instances, we decided to pass on our expertise in the form of lectures held […]