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It is true that we are not the biggest computer company in the vincinity. and it is also true that we serve our customers better and solve their problems more rapidly.

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Time to clean notebook

While people at these spring temperatures feel more comfortable, computers are already unbearably hot. This is especially true for laptops. How do we know? Hot air blows from computer, keyboard and touchpad are warm. Fan rotates faster and louder. When the computer begins to reset or block, the situation is already critical. If you continue […]

Setting up our homepage in English and German

Accession of Slovenia to the European Union brought substantial changes in business operations, offering new business opportunities to our companies. One of preconditions for those wishing to place their products and services on the internal market of the EU Member States is to have their homepage translated into foreign languages. 3BM had been aware of […]

Repair of a multiprocessor industrial computer of the Slovenian Railway Company

For a period of time, 3BM has successfully been solving difficult problems that some other servicing companies have failed or refused to tackle. This recent servicing job has by all means been one of the most demanding ones. A five multiprocessor computer system at the shunting station of Zalog provides for the correct braking and […]