Computer Equipment Servicing

The recent great boom of personal computers has not been followed by an equally large expansion of computer hardware/software servicing networks. Most computer companies restrict themselves to sales only. When problems occur, customers must frequently bring the hardware to several tens of kilometres distant servicing houses.

From the very beginning, our company has followed the policy that customers need to be provided with the optimum servicing conditions and that the servicing must be quick and effective. Customer friendliness has been the goal of all our new directions. Permanent training is the basis of proficiency of all the staff so as to ensure the rapid and quality repairs. We enter into agreements with the different subsuppliers so as to be accessible to a wide circle of customers. Repairs are carried out in our company, on-site or as required by the customers.

Cell phones make us accessible for customers anywhere and at any time. Repairs are accomplished within hours. For this purpose we keep ample supplies of spares as, for instance, computer parts. We keep our own stock of Epson printer spares.

All the above and more is to ensure that our customers are not at a loss if their computer breaks down. We avoid such cases by expertise and timely action as well as with a stock of substitutive equipment. Our objective is to provide the customer with the optimum efficiency and effectiveness of the equipment supplied by us.

And what do we provide ?

  • guarantee-period (and post-guarantee period) repairs of the PCX PCs;
  • Post-guarantee period repairs of the printers as Brother, EPSON, HP, Canon, Star, NEC, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Minolta and Xerox, and of the PCs and portable computers, monitors, fax  machines Canon, and other computer equipment of the different manufacturers
    virus disinfection, installing of anti-virus software, and firewalls
  • connection to the Internet
  • extension of computers
  • installation of software packages
  • planning and construction of computer networks
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Computer repairing