Setting up our homepage in English and German

Accession of Slovenia to the European Union brought substantial changes in business operations, offering new business opportunities to our companies. One of preconditions for those wishing to place their products and services on the internal market of the EU Member States is to have their homepage translated into foreign languages. 3BM had been aware of this fact long before 1 May 2004.

Given the favourable situation near the border, we decided to market our services in the neighbouring countries as well, in particular in Austria as the nearest one. Thus we set up our homepage first in English and later in German during 2004.

Adequate translation of specific technical terms is crucial for the better understanding of our complete services in particular for foreigners. They can locate our homepage by entering the key words in the regular search tools (Google). All the pages are accessible in translation by clicking the appropriate language.

Our homepage was set up in English and German in 2004.