Repair of a multiprocessor industrial computer of the Slovenian Railway Company

For a period of time, 3BM has successfully been solving difficult problems that some other servicing companies have failed or refused to tackle. This recent servicing job has by all means been one of the most demanding ones.

A five multiprocessor computer system at the shunting station of Zalog provides for the correct braking and shunting of cargo wagons. Harmonised operation of these computers is prerequisite for shunting more than two thousand wagons a day.

The controlling computer system had been causing problems for months and owing to a failure on the industrial computer the operators had to resort to the manual mode of braking that is less reliable as any small mistake can lead to great material damage.

On failing to remedy the problem on the braking computer, the Slovenian Railway Company maintenance team contacted several computer servicing companies. Even the French computer system manufacturer could not help them owing to the obsoleteness and non-deliverability of some spare parts. Finally, the Slovenian Railway Company contacted us on the basis of a newspaper advertisement.

Our servicing team located and remedied the key errors in the system within two weeks, using our expertise and experience. The controlling system was put into trial operation in the beginning of November 2004, and now it has been operating under full load.