Repair of computer controlling the electron microscope at Acroni Company of Jesenice

The Acroni Company has several well qualified maintenance teams in the different spheres of expertise of operational and process information technology. They remedy most defects on equipment in production, laboratories and other departments. External servicing teams are called in only, when an extremely complicated problem turns up.

In analysing materials, the Acroni Company uses the electron microscope, among other things. The electron microscope is controlled by a server type industrial computer. In October 2004, the computer did not start up and the Acroni maintenance team and information technology engineers could not bring it to life despite all endeavours. They decided to call in an authorised servicing engineer from Poland. Nevertheless, the authorised servicing company was unable to assess the length of servicing activities and ensuing costs, and the servicing job would only start in two weeks. And then our company stepped in.

Servicing the computer was a very tough job from several reasons. Merely downloading the Windows operational system in the server type computers is rather an exacting job and it gets even harder, when the computer is several years old and the supplier has not provided all the required software tools. In this case, all the updated user software versions and the data of analyses carried out on the instrument as well as settings and calibrations of the electron microscope had to be retained. Erasure of calibration data alone would mean that a foreign servicing engineer would obligatorily need to be called in.

3BM servicing team succeeded in starting up the industrial computer within some days and put into operation the electron microscope. All the software, data and settings were successfully retained as well.