Repair of industrial computer at the Agency for Telecommunications

The Agency for Telecommunications of the Republic of Slovenia is using industrial computers to control instruments. Although industrial computers are designed so as to be proof against failure, they do break down from time to time.

Industrial computers can be discerned from personal computers at first glance. They are built in a casing that fits into iron case together with control electronics. They even sound differently during operation. Industrial computers are fitted with numerous fans and filters preventing the overheating of electronic components and the introduction of dust and foreign particles. Consequently they are much louder in operation. Great differences are visible in the design and functionality of components. Industrial computers can be ten times more expensive than personal ones.

The differences between personal and industrial computers make the latter more difficult to repair. Components are several times more expensive and after a period of time they cannot be purchased anymore. More recent components do not fit as to design or compatibility with the existing software. Therefore, repairs of industrial computers make much more sense than repairs of personal computers, and they are cost-effective.

On the other hand, repairs of industrial computers require much more effort than of personal computers, where a primary school pupil can exchange a motherboard by himself. In an industrial computer, one has to locate a defective integrated circuit, resistor or misalignment. Such operations require much more knowledge and experience. There are several computer servicing companies in Slovenia, but only a few are qualified in motherboard repairs.

The Agency for Telecommunications of the Republic of Slovenia found the information in a newspaper that our company repairs motherboards among other things. In October 2004 they delivered to us an industrial computer, which other servicing companies failed to fix. After a number of hours spent we located a poor alignment on the motherboard and fixed the computer, which would otherwise be considered beyond repair. When the computer resumed operation, we ran several tests to verify its accuracy. It functions normally now.