3BM passes the expertise on to other servicing and maintenance staff

3BM Company appreciates highly the importance of expertise and experience in the servicing and maintenance of electronic and computer equipment in industry. A mistake made in exchanging parts or at testing may lead to serious damage. In order to minimise such instances, we decided to pass on our expertise in the form of lectures held at the meetings of the Slovenian Maintenance Staff Association.

Slovenian Maintenance Staff Association prepares the annual meetings of maintenance staff, providing for lectures from the different spheres of maintenance expertise and including targeted exhibitions of products and presentations of services, and presenting an opportunity to the different maintenance staff to exchange their views and ideas in a pleasant atmosphere. The most recent meeting was held at Rogla from 7 to 8 October 2004.

It was the third time that the manager of 3BM Company, Mr Bogdan Bricelj, held a lecture at the meeting, and this time he lectured on the topic of exchanging and repairing electronic modules. He presented the most critical points at exchange of electronic modules, where potential serious faults may occur. He substantiated his exposé with some examples from practice and useful instructions on the successful exchange of modules, describing some possibilities of repairs on the exchanged modules.

The lecture was dedicated to the existing and future customers and to persons intending to repair electronic modules by themselves. The lecture was well attended and welcomed by the maintenance staff, as all the preceding ones, and published in the collection of lectures of the meeting.