Repairs of more and more notebooks all over Slovenia

Notebook repairs are much more demanding than desktop PC repairs. Notebooks consist of two main parts, the motherboard and the display, which cannot be exchanged between models even of the same producer. The prices of these parts are so high that their exchange is hardly cheaper than the price of a new high capacity notebook.

With an extended use of notebooks the number of defects increases as well. Repairing a notebook is mostly very expensive. Normally, motherboards and displays are not in stock and the repair may take a month or more. In such a case the users have two possibilities: buying a new notebook or trying to find a qualified motherboard/notebook repair service.

We started repairing notebooks some years ago. The experience gained in servicing industrial electronics was of great help. Special equipment is required to repair/exchange very small SMD electronic elements. We keep a stock of some such elements. Notebook dismantling/assembly takes quite a few hours of work. It is most difficult to locate the defect in the printed circuit board, as notebook manufacturers do not supply diagrams in the package. Nevertheless, most servicing proves successful.

Customers are thrilled to see their notebooks repaired within days. Repair costs are 50 to 80% lower then the motherboard exchange in an authorised servicing company. As far as we know, we are the only service in Slovenia, repairing notebook motherboards and displays. We get many orders from most distant regions of the country.