Preparing spare hard disks with the operational system pSOS for the ACRONI Company of Jesenice

We have been co-operating with the Acroni Company since 1990. This is the greatest Slovenian steel plant. We help solving problems in production, so that less foreign servicing is necessary. Some machines are so old that even the foreign services cannot help.

The latest servicing we carried out was preparing spare disks for a profile-meter on a Steckel line. These 170 MB SCSI hard disks are really old and no longer available. Only a few more recent SCSI disks enable the connection to a computer.

In order to prepare a spare disk we must find an adequate hard disk. We format it in a Unix-like format. In order to run the programme, the rare pSOS operational system is copied from the floppy disks. Many times, the computer refuses to operate even from the original disk. New disks can be obtained from the manufacturer in England, at very high prices.

By now, we have prepared also three spare hard disks for the profile-meter and X-ray machine computers.